I'd love to help you and your team expand your audience by developing your app's focus on care and characters

Interactive experience designers tend to interpret the theory of flow in a way that manages a balance between adrenaline and dopamine in our players. But newer research in stress psychology shows that not everyone reacts to stress with adrenaline and dopamine. Not everyone enjoys being frustrated. 

Inspired by that discovery, I've been investigating alternate reward frameworks for reaching new audiences. I'm building up a new theory of interaction design based on these frameworks. 

I can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Mechanics inspired by the theory of tend-and-befriend, providing oxytocin rewards.
  • Mechanics inspired by personality psychology, positive psychology, and social baseline theory as further reward frameworks beyond adrenaline/dopamine.
  • The design of AI systems that maximize for care, connection, or self-improvement. 

I'm very interested in supporting you in integrating these types of rewards into your app or game. 

I'm available to follow your project on a recurring schedule. Please contact me with any requests.