I'm available for speaking at art, culture, media, tech, and games events. My style is motivational/personal with a grounding in interaction design, AI, and neuropsych research. 

I especially like to speak with students and developers in emerging non-Western game development communities. My fee can be waived for events in these communities. 

Please contact me with any requests. Media assets are available here





Current Talk


A Future I Would Want to Live In

Globalization and the internet have changed our lives radically compared to our parents' lives. We have new challenges based in interconnection and interactivity: global warming, the growing wealth divide, the rising cost of education, automation, and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, we are already living in mixed reality through our phones and laptops and soon will be living in a mix of physical reality, voice interfaces, internet of things, AR, and VR. Everything is becoming more interconnected and more interactive. 

What does this mean for the role and the responsibility of interactive design in our coming future? Are we headed for a dystopian future? Can we use interactive experiences to imagine or perhaps even to bring a better world?  

In this talk I make the argument that by combining psychological frameworks, including tend-and-befriend, personality psychology, positive psychology, and others game design constructions of intrinsic motivation, player satisfaction, and flow we can reimagine nearly every app as a playful interactive product. It is finally time to define new categories of interactive products beyond apps and games, and to use these products as building blocks towards futures that feel and are more effective, efficient, and free. We can design the futures we want to live in.