Tru Luv is a tiny game studio where we're developing a series of video games of care, made with people who find video games boring. I founded it after a series of small realizations about why I love video games, why most of my friends find video games boring, and why the industry is not making the wide range of games that it could. 

Each Tru Luv game is an exploration of the idea that innovation happens in the connections between people from different backgrounds with different interests. For each project, the team at Tru Luv works with someone from a different creative field to create that person's game: A game formed from their hopes, dreams, fears, or passions. 

Our first game, #SelfCare, designed with magazine editor Eve Thomas, will be released on iOS soon. In the meantime, we've recently released BreatheLuv, a tiny moment for reflection and a sneak preview of the moments to come in #SelfCare.