Hi, I'm Brie. I'm a speakerwriter, game designer, and the CEO and creative director of Tru Luv Media, a video game studio making games with people who don't like games. I love video games but my friends find video games boring, and I want to fix that. 

I travel frequently to work with emerging game development communities and speak at games and tech events. I recently joined the team at Game Girl Workshop. I have a monthly column at GamesIndustry.biz.

Previously I was a lead programmer at Ubisoft on the soft, ethereal game Child of Light and three Assassin's Creed games. I started my career writing AI code. If you've played Company of Heroes against the AI, you're playing against me and one of my colleagues. 

I'm on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn. I've been featured in publications such as Mercedes Benz MagazineThe Huffington PostVentureBeat, and Châtelaine.

My favourite games are This War of Mine, Skyrim, and The Colonel's Bequest.

I'm available for speaking, writing, and game design consulting. 

Selected Press